Sunday, October 19, 2014

Finishing nothing.

This is the time of the month (and I tend to think of knitting in months) where I knit and work and spin, and NOTHING gets finished. My Idlewood has made some progress. I added some colorful entrelac squares, which ended up lower than planned, but it was nice to knit some color.

Also added some length to the scarf. I spent a very nice Spring afternoon, sitting on the grass in the local Botanical Gardens, knitting this crazy thing and listening to audiobooks. It makes me feel like a mad knitter granny making the sleeve of a crazy jumper for an unfortunate relation... lol. It's using up some of my handspun stash brilliantly, though, and will certainly be warm.

It's half done (ie. 250g) and 80cm long.

I started some socks in thick yarn, socks that are taking far too long for wool that thick. The socks I'm making for Mum and for Byron get a few rounds done here and there, but are a long way from finished. I started spinning some random merino, and hours are falling into it like a black hole. I spin and spin, and no progress is made!

But I'm in very good spirits. My awesome Dad managed to fix my computer. I still have another week of holidays to go. The weather has been getting warmer. And next week... maybe that's when I'll finish lots of things.

We'll see.

Monday, October 6, 2014


Progress is being made on the NEWT this week, and I plan to do a little more these next few days. My Idlewood weighs a little under 200g now, and I’m well into the first skein.
My Mission scarf isn’t going so well. I had a fair bit done, but had to frog it all and start over, and as a result, lost all enthusiasm for a while. But I’ve started again, with a garter stitch end, and I’m just trying to figure out what manner of cables to add, as I knit along in green. Love knitting up hand spun, though!
Mission Scarf
Last month was the first in ages that I didn’t do all 6 classes. I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this NEWT! I dyed some sock yarn… always fun… in some self-striping colours. One is black with stripes of rainbow (hopefully a single round of each colour), and one is white with a black-edged stripe of variegated greens.
ByJaZa Socky
ByJaZa Socky
I’ll be interested to see how they knit up, but when I’ll get to them, I do not know!
Number 110
This one is some more BFL/mohair from Kathy’s Fibres, spun into thickish sock yarn. And my 4th class for September was some Actual Real Live Weaving, at last (my poor neglected loom!)
Turkish Delight
Turkish delight. Since the colours are called “Turkish Rose” and “Chocolatier”.
And now, back to the scarf, I think. Tomorrow, the kids are back at school/kinder after the Spring holiday fortnight, and I am looking forward to some quiet hours.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Testing testing

Woot! I think I’ve figured out a way to post blogs with my little ipod. So this is something of a test; we’ll see how it turns out.
I haven’t been able to post here for ages. My trusty old computer will not connect to the Internet, except the iTunes store, and I don’t know how to fix it. Annoying!
So, last month…
I think I showed you the colorful handspun yarn? These are the entrelac gloves I made with it.
Then I spun up 4 lots of purple Bond and 2 of Spelsau, and plied them all together at the start of September. I did the plying on my old Ashford Traditional, because it has a jumbo flyer, and I’ve never tested its limit. Its limit, apparently, is about 300g! These giant skeins are so fat! I love ‘em.
I had a 70g skein of Bond leftover, so I started with that. This time my Idlewood has a ribbed cowl neck, and I’ve just switched to the first fat skein and am doing raglan increases. The fat skeins are two strands of Bond (more soft, less tough) and one of Spelsau (more tough, less soft) in the hope that it’s a good mix of nice-to-wear and wears-well.
Also, I got my new nephew! I gave Joshua his little tops, and gave his sister Jasmine’s 3rd birthday top (same wool as the green, so they can match). Hope he’s able to wear them a few times before he grows big! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Also at Bendi

Got a hold of some new cheap buttons, and a rainbow of Landscape dyes. That should keep me going for a while.

Let's see... what else have I finished in July?

Frosty socks :)

What they look like when the frost thaws. Hehe. Love these, and in Wollmeise, too.

Did I show you these already? Nephew tops.

An experiment in Navajo 4ply. Tricky to ply, but the effect, knitted up, should be interesting.

Nice thick merino/faux cashmere. Soft and bright.

And yarn number one for my next NEWT!!!!
My next NEWT is a mix of Muggle Studies (dressing to blend in with Muggles) and Transfiguration (Vanishing some stash). Basically, I've got a kilo of fibre from Southern Cross Fibres in dark purple (600g) and this matching multicolored fibre (400g). I'm going to spin it all up, knit an Idlewood top and some gloves and a cowl, and re-study the skill of Entrelac while I'm at it. I've started knitting this one (400y of n-ply!) into entrelac gloves. Love them so far.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Well, Bendigo was about 2 weeks ago, now. My computer is being bizarre and won't let me connect to the internet, and my little ipod won't work with Blogger properly. So I'm at work, quickly putting on a few photos. :)

*crosses fingers*

Here are two lots of sock yarn I got from Fiberific! She said she's just started dyeing, and I liked these two as a pair.

And the two brown ones, well, notice the colorway is "Byron". Moseley Park had about a hundred different yarns with names as color names. I found a "Tamara" (which was a horrible pink) but this variegated brown is nice... and half silk.

From Kathy's Fibres I got some BFL in Forrestry and a grey mixed with silk. Also got some shiny and sparkley stuff for mixing :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Computer is throwing a big tantrum at the moment, and iPod won't cooperate with Blogger. Hope to figure it out before too long, though :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


They are done!

Now, I've finished 5 NEWTS and have lots of new yarn :)

L to R: Single ply (slightly fulled), 3 green skeins of 2ply, 2 skeins of Navajo ply, 2 skeins of yellow cabled 4ply, true 3ply and true 4ply. Total yards of finished yarn: 4000. (9500y of singles)

I'm most proud of this lot. 300g of batts (merino/polwarth/silk) into 1962y (about 1800m of 2ply laceweight)

The light green is my best yardage ever: 1392y/1272m per 100g of singles. Not sure I'd ever bother to knit with laceweight, but I might weave a huge green scarf with it, or something. We'll see...

So the NEWT is done, and I also finished Quidditch. When the final round started, I sat down and started spinning; 6 hours later (I watched "Oklahoma" and "The Green Mile" while I spun, and finished at 3:30am) I was the first person to hand mine in. Slytherin is doing so well in this Quidditch game that hardly any of us needed to actually compete in the Final, we were that far ahead. But I had to do All the Things...

Then the Tour de Fleece started. I started off my spinning with this colorful orangey one, which is one of Kathy's Fibres, a new mix of BFL, mohair and silk. Really nice to spin. Spun into 2 skeins of 2ply (for socks :) with a fractal pattern.

 Then I spun up this one, which was the 3ply for my NEWT. It was fiddley to ply (I like n-ply better) but I do like the way it mixes the colors up.

And then I did green laceweight for daaaaays... :)

 This is the newest club fibre from Kathy. It's the Winter edition; not very Wintery colors, but she said she was thinking of Minestrone. lol.

 I also got some more BFL/mohair. Hehe.

Jasmine had her birthday! She's 6, now, and I gave her the 'sweater dress', plus the top and leggings to go with it. She couldn't have a party with her prep friends (middle of the holidays) but she spent the day with 6 of her cousins, so she had a ball!

P.S. I measured her. She's 127cm tall. (!!)

The hood is weird, and mucks up the nice cowl neck. She doesn't care; she wanted a hood. I unpicked the top of the cowl neck, did a Fleegle heel, and some rounds of ribbing. It looks so bizarro... LOL.

Made a few more hats :)


And a "mock cable" hat.

Most fun are these little cute things. The green one was from last month, and the blue one with extra buttons is this month's work. Next month: a new nephew to put into them! Hopefully, I'll get to see at least a picture before he grows out of them (if he's not already too big... LOL)

Next time, what I got up to at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival last Friday!

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